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12:04am 26/07/2006
  tender is my heart, for screwing up my lifeCollapse )  
02:40am 27/06/2006
  So I lied.Collapse )

Go Home Productions - Papa was a Clock (Temptations + Coldplay)

Fuller found this mash-mixer, Mark Vidler, who seems to have a fair bit of a following, being featured on MTV and all. His website is full of downloadable mash songs that rival the original, mostly drawing from American/British rock'n'roll back when the rock was bound by contract to also roll. Fuller and I discussed why the Temptations' vocals are so sublime based upon the theory that current mainstream black musicians seem to be obsessed with cars, jewelry, mansions, and (expensive) women in order to out-wealth and out-materialize the greedy, wealthy white man. Apply that case to the soul singers of the fifties and sixties, trying to out-civilize the clean-obsessed atomic-family-friendly heartthrobs of the era. The clean-cut, white collared, tamed hair look was mastered by the Temptations and the pop vocals are stronger than most caucasian bands that ever saw the light of a black and white variety show. Really, doing a great job of out-culturing the culture-ridden white man. This mash-up in particular has been on the loop for a week, and Vidler's other mash-ups are keepers too.

Beth Orton - Anywhere (Two Lone Swordsmen Mix)

Beth Orton, British song-manufacturer. Wikipedia says it better than I do.

12:02am 18/06/2006
  The Dresden Dolls Present... A Night of Short Films and Dadaist Vaudeville With A Special Performance From Amanda Palmer

july 15, bloor cinema, ten dolla. this is the closest i'll get to seeing the d-dolls again without having to attend their july concert and deal with "panic at the disco" or whatever shite band they're touring with. and it's cheap. and who knows what soundtracks amanda will pull songs from! any takers?
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12:36am 10/06/2006
  i need a chin-up. and a kick in the bum. and a time machine. and a more convincing smile of reassurance.  
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05:37am 03/06/2006
  New galleries are up at Flickr but I don't have time to write anything fancy about them as I'll be on the road for the next three months and am leaving in less than 3 hours.


Just wanted to throw them out there before leaving.

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12:12am 30/05/2006

i got #10, 11, 12, 14, 18, 19, 22, 23, 24... and the artist for #9.

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12:15am 10/05/2006
  back on trackCollapse )  
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12:38pm 01/05/2006
  Summer again. Therefore no home, typing this on public comp.

Went to an abandoned psychiatric hospital (finally.)

This is a look into the isolation room, which still smells faintly of sweat.

Picture of Isolation Room

Picture of dilapidated room

Interestingly, we ran into a homeless pal sleeping overnight in one of the rooms. Imagine that you're in a very dark sanitarium that's got holes in its walls from all the demolition and you open a door only to notice a pair of eyes looking back. We both got real defensive at first, but tensions settled down when I asked him about his guitar and I started playing House of the Rising Sun, which resulted in the most surreal singalong. Singing old American tunes inside a half-demolished asylum with a gruffy, but friendly, stranger named Al in impromptu diplomacy. That's definitely the highlight of this week.

Con razon, porque perdi mi camara, estos son tome por algien otra que Oker.

Going to disappear for a week and then come back (hopefully).

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11:55pm 26/04/2006
  guess what i had for lunch todayCollapse )  
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10:36pm 24/04/2006
  HAPPY BIRTHDAY TOM/JTOM/OKER!!! !! ! Collapse )  
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12:19am 22/04/2006
  Hoy una nuevo metodo se utilisa. Estoy practicando mi espanol por dos razons: uno, si tu entiendes mi peor hablando de la idioma espanol, entonces tu puedes leer mis escrituras. If you can't read this, you're not missing out on anything either as all I want to say is already sufficient in showing pictures with the odd exception.

Porque de Chris me comprando una cuenta profesional con Flickr, todos mis fotos futuras van a ahorrar alli. Consecuentemente, voy a demonstrar solamente unos fotos buenisimo aqui y voy a doy el URL a la galeria. Vamos a empezar.

El estudiantes graduando exhibieron su artes la semana pasada y puede ir a la abriendo grande.

La Galleria del estudiantes de artes

El dia seguiente, nosotros vamos a Tofino (con el club al aire libre), un lugare hermoso del "surfers." Aqui, me descomponia mi camera digital. Si, el muy caro pedazo de la electronica es no funciona ahora y es ir a Calgary por arreglar. No me lo tengo por cuatro o cinco semanas, pero pienso que lo tengan por mas tiempo. Entonces, estos son los ultimos fotos antes se descomponio.

La Galleria de Tofino

Estoy aprendando a juegar la guitarra. Es muy humillacion por me eschucho, pero este es una diario, y incluo bueno y malo. Es sobre ocho meses que yo empizaba a practicar.

Jenny Lewis & the Watson Twins - You are What You Love

Version original & Version de Oker

The Postal Service - Nothing Better

Version original & Version de Oker

Un favor... si estoy hablando peor, digame la correcta manera del hablando. Gracias.

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06:18pm 18/04/2006
  do any of you have a membership for the hummingbird centre of performing arts? or know anyone who does (that i hopefully also know)??  
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06:09pm 10/04/2006
  your bra bomb better work, nerdilingerCollapse )  
09:18am 09/04/2006

Urban PlaygroundCollapse )

Lorraine Bowen - Julie Christie

I'm not entirely sure if Lorraine Bowen is a musician at all (might be a similar thing as what happened with Run Lola Run's actors singing the soundtrack). Websites and photos on the person appear to be absent from the indexed internet. I noticed myself snapping to the music in the film Better Than Chocolate's only scene that didn't impose the viewer to anything akin to a scratching chalkboard. Don't bother with this abortion of a movie folks. The song's whispery, and I just realized I like it so much because it sounds like the cabaret stuff from the defunct UK Mono. Funny, I can't think of anyone who's filled the void that Mono left - basey electronic tunes to an airy nymph vocalist seem to be strangely absent. What I said probably is not true at all; I just haven't given enough attention to bands I haven't heard of.

10:19pm 06/04/2006
  life is no cabaretCollapse )  
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09:33pm 05/04/2006
  boredom's not a burden anyone should bearCollapse )  
07:05pm 03/04/2006
  dirty businessCollapse )  
09:14am 03/04/2006
  I stayed up all night trying to reassemble the mess that is this year into something hopeful, namely employment that deals with photography directly. I finally caved to Swiss Chris' suggestions and gave Flickr a second try, and it really is as annoying as it wants to be unless you pay money. Again, I've used up all of the bandwidth available, meaning I cannot upload anything (not even a 20KB image of a design) until next month. Plus I'm limited to three folders. I can see why people like it, as it's entirely designed around very casual photographers who don't have a hundred shots that they want to store online. In the end I cut out around 20 shots that wouldn't fit in, and the two ACF poster designs barely obesed through the last remaining kilobytes of available bandwidth.

Summary of Everything I Can Remember in My Life

Anyway, a summary of my entire photography experience is now online and looking through them makes me very nervous. Sure, some of them are nice to gawk at, but are they good enough to warrant someone paying money to have me take? This really isn't a question you can answer because if you say yes, then I'll accuse you of having absolutely no idea of what high quality photography is. If you say no, I'll probably agree and, well, at least you probably have a bottle of alcohol somewhere to fall back on (I guess I never mentioned to you T-dot kids that booze stopped being a part of my life sometime after treeplanting last year. It started just a little earlier than the vegetarianism, which unfortunately is falling apart after over a year of faithfulness). Have you seen what kinds of bloody gorgeous pictures some of the non-professional photographers are taking? I do feel a little unfortunate that I never started doing SLR stuff in high school. Thankfully, it's not a sense of regret, as I doubt I would have managed until that first 2.1 Mpxl digital camera the birthgivers got anyway. At least one point of pride that remains intact is to never give up on color and take the much easier B&W route. Some of those shots are so much simpler to work with when you deal only with luminosity and the curves graph and none of the messy hue manipulations. I'll skewer my own eyes out with my own forked tongue before I ever cheat with B&W. Assuming the best case scenario does happen, you still wonder, which multinational conglomerate is paying your salaries, and just what kind of an audience are you manipulating for what ends? Hell, just by reading any LJ page, you're making Rupert Murdoch that much richer and we depend on him ever more.

Bird York - Haunting You

If Poe ever grows up and stops whining about angst, I can't imagine her sounding like anybody else but Bird York. That being said, I got tired of Poe very quickly, while Bird York's songs have lasted a couple of months of repeated listening.

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11:51pm 02/04/2006

Some photos that were impossible for me to show people from last yearCollapse )

Fleetwood Mac two pack


I discovered this old band from the pooled collection of mix CDs during treeplanting. I made a list of songs that would make a treeplanting mix CD, but it never materialized, although once I have time and an unescapable feeling of nostalgia, it will happen. Fleetwood Mac is an oddity to me. It sounds so current, especially with the surge of acoustic female vocalists. I've heard samples of their tunes from so many places before, but just never knew what the musicians were called until last summer. Same situation with the Kinks and the Zombies, who seem to have tunes everyone knows but few actually are able to identify.

11:38pm 01/04/2006
  schlongless with a cCollapse )